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We offer comprehensive services mainly in Criminal matters and offer other services in the areas of Non-Criminal matters.
Legal Practice Areas

Criminal Division

General Crime

Theft, robbery, snatching, theft by employees, fire armed robbery, gang robbery, motor vehicle theft, etc.

Anti-Traficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants Act 2007 (ATIPSOM)

Commercial Crime

Simple criminal breach of trust, criminal breach of trust by employees, criminal breach of trust by directors, cheating , anti money laundering (AMLA) etc.

(S.408, S.409, S.420, S.403, S.424)

Drug Cases

Posession – S.12(2), S.6, S.39A(1) & S.39A(2)
Trafficking – S.39B
Under Dangerous Drug Act 1952 / Poison Act

Urine – S.15(1) & S.39C DDA 1952

Heavy Crime

Terrorism / SOSMA / POCA. / LLPK, firearms, human trafficking

Appeal Cases

From subordinate courts (magistrate and sessions courts) and high court, judicial review, habeas corpus


Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 (Act 694)

Sexual Crime

Rape, statutory rape (underage), molest, sodomy, incest etc


Abuse cases

Wildlife Protection Offences

Under Wildlife Protection Act 2010 e.g. possession of protected and totally protected animal and plants, intrusion of reserved area of National Parks

Road Traffic Offences

Road Transport Act 1987 e.g Section 44, Section 41, Section 43 etc.

Death By Inquest

Watching brief eg. sexual crime victim / family, commercial crime complainant; police investigation process

Legal Practice Areas

Non-Criminal Division

General & Civil Litigation

Debt recovery, negligence, tenancy disputes, contract drafting / disputes, defamation

Corporate & Commercial Litigation

Corporate disputes, shareholder disputes, joint venture disputes, drafting commercial agreements, injunctions

Employment & Labour Disputes

Unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, retrenchment, restructuring

Probate & Administration

Issuance of Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration


Bankruptcy and winding up

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